Hunting for the Imperfect Christmas Tree


Let’s be honest… there’s a special place in everyone’s heart for a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Crooked, scrawny, and diminutive, these trees carry a certain charm.

Zach and I definitely got just the tree this year. It needed to be smaller because of where it is located in our little, (quaint?), D.C. apartment. Skinny & a little crooked is just right.

A Charlie Brown Christmas is one of my favorite Christmas movies. And not just because Snoopy has smooth dance moves, or because of the Christmas carols, or the various episodes of endless taunting between Lucy and Charlie.

It’s also not because if I didn’t love Charlie Brown, in all his plain and honest nature, I would probably be disowned by my Dad. He’s the biggest Snoopy fan, I know! 😉

The tree of questionable character leads Charlie Brown to ask the most important question: Does anyone know what Christmas is all about? To which Linus replies:


Courage summoned, blanket-in-hand Linus’ simple and humble exposition of the gospel is pretty disarming. Nothing more and nothing less. Here’s to hoping our Christmas tree will be an equally simple & humble reminder of all that we have to celebrate this season.

Cheers loves,