About Liv in the District


Who is Liv?

Liv is a 25 year-old transplant from Illinois to Washington, D.C. Like many in Washington, she grew up outside the beltway, moving from Virginia (where she attended college and met the love of her life, Zach) to D.C. in 2012. She has a soft spot for Poptarts, Tostitos, and Haribo Gummi Bears. Hobbies include Pure Barre, drinking iced spiced dirty chai at her favorite Washington coffee shop, and having lengthy academic debates with her husband. Liv works in Asia policy where she writes on human rights challenges facing the region. She and her husband could not be any more grateful for their church community at Capitol Hill Baptist Church.

How did you and Zach meet?

Liv and Zach met each other in high school through a national speech and debate league. They weren’t interested in each other at the time, but when they competed on the same debate team at Patrick Henry College, they soon realized they had a lot in common (including a love for nerdy, intellectual discourse). Liv asked Zach out first (for the record!), but Zach blew it out of the ballpark when he proposed at the end of the school play, Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Liv and Zach have spent their entire married life in D.C. – coming up on five years now!

What inspired you to start Liv in the District?

In a nutshell, the blog was inspired by many personal conversations I had with people all over the country and the world — all people who were either disillusioned with Washington or felt totally removed from what was happening in D.C.

Liv in the District is a small attempt at mending the perceived gap between Washington elite and the many citizens who live outside the beltway. The idea is to give those outside of the District a taste of life in Washington that extends beyond politics, elections, and contentious debate to provide a glimpse of one person’s ordinary life in D.C.

Here’s a post explaining the inspiration behind Liv in the District.