Thanksgiving at the Cabin



Outfit Details

Sweater: J Crew (on sale for 50% off for Black Friday) Jeans: J Crew (on sale for 50% off for Black Friday

Thanksgiving didn’t exactly go as planned this year. My dear Mom was sick, so on Thanksgiving Day me, Zach and my Dad made Thanksgiving dinner.

(Note: It took three people to duplicate what my Mom usually does primarily by herself. Can I just say that my Mom has mad hospitality and cooking skills?)

In addition to the usual turkey, we made rolls, potatoes au gratin, the most delicious creamed corn, a really delicious basil, mint feta tomato salad, and cranberries. I think our minds were bigger than our stomachs because we had waaay too much food. 

We also averted a mini-crisis. No pumpkin pie at the store. So I made one myself. Don’t worry, not from scratch. Those who know me know that my culinary skills are limited. So Opa was a happy camper because what is Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie?

It was our first Thanksgiving at the cabin — not so traditional — but wonderful nonetheless. And it was a glorious day, so we could not resist heading out for a brief photo shoot before we delved into our various cooking adventures. My entire outfit (except for the shoes) is from J Crew (which is having a wildly great sale, right now)!

I’m reminded that no matter how predictable — or unpredictable — your Thanksgiving plans were, there is still much to be grateful for. I’m notorious for getting frustrated or anxious when plans go awry, but how much better is it to be thankful that we even got to enjoy a Thanksgiving, in the warmth of our homes, in the loving arms of family?

Hope you all had a joyous Thanksgiving (and a not-too-strenuous day of Black Friday shopping)!

Cheers loves,


Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. ~ Philippians 4:6