Cancun Final: Swimming with Dolphins


Meet Gretel, our new pet dolphin. ūüėČ

On our last day in Mexico, Zach and I decided to check an item off our bucket list and go swimming with dolphins in Isla Mujeres. I absolutely love dolphins (who didn’t fall in love with dolphins after watching Flipper in the 90’s?) and couldn’t wait to go.

We participated in a program through Dolphin Discovery¬†that we found via¬†Groupon.¬†I’m not going to lie, it was expensive (as soon as you arrive at Dolphin Discovery, they price gouge you so that you purchase an experience where you can do more than just pet the dolphin), but even penny-pincher Zachy was glad that we did it.

We didn’t just get to pet and kiss the dolphins, we also got a ride on their stomach and were pushed by the dolphin. For the more coordinated among us, the dolphins would even give you a high five! It was unbelievable. The dolphins¬†were so sweet, clearly incredibly intelligent, and the trainers seemed to really love and care for them.




In the picture above, I think it really looks like I’m having my Jaws moment. This was so incredibly fun because the dolphins were so strong — stronger than you might think.

As an extra, the kind lady at Dolphin Discovery threw in the opportunity to feed the manatees. We got to feed four, gorgeous manatees, including a baby one. I think that might have been one of my favorite experiences from the whole trip. The baby would come up to you and grab onto your torso in an attempt to eat the lettuce you were feeding to its mom and dad, but we weren’t supposed to feed the baby. I liked all of the cute little snuggles the friendly, extroverted baby manatee would so freely give.


I give swimming with dolphins and manatees a strong 10/10!

Cheers loves,


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